Bombard Typhoon Alum 470

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With the Typhoon, going out to sea can be decided instantly: light and non-bulky, it easily finds its place in the trunk of the car.

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Simple, quick to set up and launch, it’s immediately operational. Strong, agile and safe, it makes it possible to navigate serenely.

The Typhoon is the perfect boat for the spontaneous explorer. It can transported in the trunk of your car, then easily set-up once you reach your destination. Once you have launched your Typhoon, you’ll be able to navigate the waters comfortably from your boat. The Typhoon is a high quality boat with an excellent price that makes it affordable for any budget.

The pros

β€’ Aluminum floor made rigid by 2 aluminum stringers: the stringers lock the floor elements and offer a flat and stable platform.
β€’ The inflatable keel helps insure great directional stability as you navigate the waters
β€’ Semi-recessed valve
β€’ Swimming bench

Dimensions (m-fi)Length overall 4.7 – 15’5”Inside length 3.35 – 10’12”
Width overall 1.9 – 6’3”
Inside width 0.92 – 3’0”
Tube diametre 0.49 – 1’7”
Passengers (ISO) 8
Max payload allowed (Kg – Lbs) 900 – 1984
Total weight (kg – Lbs) 110 – 243
Number of waterproof compartments 5 + 1
Categories of conception C
Hull storage (m-fi)
Length of hull at 1st buoyancy bag 1.42 – 4’8”
Width of hull at 1st buoyancy bag 0.77 – 2’6”
Height of hull at 1st buoyancy bag 0.32 – 1’1”
Length of the 2nd floor bag 1.2 – 3’11”
Width of the 2nd floor bag 0.8 – 2’7”
Height of the 2nd floor bag 0.16 – 0’6”
Outboard Data
Shaft Long
Max recommended power (Hp – kW) 30 – 23
Max power allowed (Hp – kW) 40 – 30
Max weight engine allowed (kg) 72
Max speed (Km/h – Mph) 54 – 34
Hull: Inflatable keel
Non-slip aluminum floor + aluminum stringers
One aluminum engine support plate
One flush drain
Tube Design: Plastomère Fabric
Semi-recessed valve, Bravo type
Deflector antichafing strip with curved profile
Pre-equipped supplementary bench
One front handle
4 carrying handles
2 β€œD” tow rings
Cone reinforcements
Standard Equipment: One transport bag
Two reinforced aluminum paddles
One manual foot air-pump
One maintenance briefcase
One owner’s manual
One swimming bench