Warranty Guidelines...

At GasHopper Inc., we honor the Warranties provided from our suppliers and in house manufacturing process. Please read the following warranty guidelines provided for the services and products we offer. If the product can't be fixed or replaced, a store credit will be offered in replacement.

  GasHopper Inc./The Inflatable Boat Shop Reproduction Transoms

  Our in house reproduction transoms are built to last. Every transom made after Aug 2020, now comes with a 3 year limited replacement warranty. In the event, the individual transom layers separates or wood core rots, we'll replace it at no charge. You will have to send us the transom back at your own expense. Once the transom is returned, we'll reproduce a new one to reduce any additional flaws at no expense to you, the customer. Gelcoat or Epoxy cracks are not covered.


  New and Used Boat Warranties

  All boats sold through GasHopper Inc/The Inflatable Boat Shop, come with a limited sorted of warranties.

  New boat warranties are provided through the manufacturer of the boat free of defects for a determined limited set time-frame. Other limitations may be included depending on the use of the vessel. Review your new boat warranty, either through your service manual, manufacturers websites, or one of our representatives will provide you with one at the time of request. Depending on the manufacturer, a claim will have to be submitted and a deductible may be required for repairs to commence.

  Used boat warranties are limited to 30 days from any defects preventing the vessel from being sea-worthy. In the event something happens where a repair is needed, repairs will be commenced once a staff member has verified that the repairs needed are in deed defective and not considered a wearable item or from neglect. Standard wear/tear, neglect, abuse, act of god, etc... will not be covered under warranty for any circumstances.


  GasHopper Inc/The Inflatable Boat Shop Standard Warranty Policy 

  We take pride in providing you the customer with the best warranty options available. We support all warranties on products and merchandise we sell here. All NEW inflatable boats, trailers, outboard motors, etc... purchased can be taken to certified dealers for maintenance, repair or warranty claims. All in house repairs must be returned to our facility for inspection and warranty repair.

Manufacturers warranties may require a claim to be filed which may delay item(s) down time. We work hard to make sure these delays are as limited as possible. 

  Our in house repairs are as follows for our Standard Warranty Policy. We offer a limited 1 year, for inflatable boat fabric repair. Transom installations come with a standard 1 year warranty, 3 years if a new transom is installed. Our electrical repairs are limited to 1 year. Gelcoat and Fiberglass repair, we offer a limited 10 year warranty.