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InTouch GPS asset tracking system by Passtime

Passtime GPS has been in business for more than 25 years in the global transportation industry. Our wireless GPS telematics products are available for multiple sectors of the automotive industry including auto dealers, auto finance companies, auto leasing companies, insurance companies and fleet operators.

Now available to everyone. Perfect for anyone with collector vehicles, who want to monitor their employees, monitor their new teenage driver, and much more.






Pin Point

Accurate GPS
technology locates
vehicles virtually

Real Time

Low Battery, speed,
service and boundary
notifications via
email or text 


Up to six simultaneous
boundaries for
security and monitoring 


Automatically set
boundary and speed
alerts when handing
over the keys 


Security In The Palm Of Your Hand

InTouch App

  • Track vehicles anytime. From Anywhere. Monitor driver behavior of loved ones and teen drivers
  • Virtual Boundaries keep track of what matters. Set boundaries around the house or neighborhood, workplace, parking lot at the airport
  • Valet Mode for when you hand over your keys, Automatically sets a virtual boundary around your location, and speed alert
  • Alerts to stay informed. Text or email alerts for boundary violations, speed, and low battery

Keep track of your investment and assets with this GPS tracking system from Passtime.

***Pricing subject to change without notice***

GPS Features:

- Real time GPS tracking
- Stolen vehicle recovery
- Track as much as you want
- On demand locates 24/7/365
- Locates every 72 hours
- Monitor your teenage driver or employees
- Customizable speed alerts
- Low battery voltage alerts
- Pin point GPS location
- Up to six virtual boundaries
- Maintenance notifications sent directly in via email/text at pre-determined service intervals.
- 24/7 customer support


1 Year warranty, but under certain conditions can be 2 years

Coverage: Covers most of Canada and the USA
Plan Provider: Rogers (Canada)
Verizon (USA)

First Year Included ($60.00 annually after first year)

Car Dealer and Fleet Vehicle Options:

- Finance & insurance tool for increased profits with each new car sold.
- Service retention feature designed to maintain customer relationship after the sale for maintenance.
- Customized smartphone apps for Franchise Dealer GPS Tracking.
- Lot and asset management for floor-planned vehicles.
- Lot management for auto dealers to keep track of inventory.