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Bombard Commando C5

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Sturdy and precise

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The Commando is a boat designed for action with its rigid keel and aluminium floor. It traces its course with power and precision in all circumstances. Not a surprise that it entices explorers, fishing or underwater hunting enthusiasts.
The prosβ€’ Monobloc anodized aluminum floor that is rot-resistant, non-corrodible, and resistant to chocks.β€’ Antichafing strip with ultra-wide profileβ€’ Rigid keel in 3 articulated elements (Bombard exclusive): built up without tools and with a gullwind hull shape.β€’ Stronganβ„’ Duotexβ„’ fabric
Dimensions:(Meters-Feet) Length overall 4.7 – 15’5”
Inside length 3.2 – 10’6”
Width overall 1.9 – 6’3”
Inside width 0.9 – 2’11”
Tube diametre 0.5 – 1’8”
Capacity: Passengers (ISO) 9
Max payload allowed (Kg – Lbs) 1150 – 2535
Total weight (kg – Lbs) 128 – 282
Number of waterproof compartments 4
Categories of conception C
Hull Storage:(Meters-Feet) Length of hull at 1st buoyancy bag 1.3 – 4’3”
Width of hull at 1st buoyancy bag 0.54 – 1’9”
Height of hull at 1st buoyancy bag 0.32 – 1’1”
Length of the 2nd floor bag 1.28 – 4’2”
Width of the 2nd floor bag 0.66 – 2’2”
Height of the 2nd floor bag 0.22 – 0’9”
Outboard Motor Requirements: Shaft Long
Max recommended power (Hp – kW) 40 – 30
Max power allowed (Hp – kW) 60 – 45
Max weight engine allowed (kg) 128
Max speed (Km/h – Mph) 60 – 37
Hull: Rigid keel in 3 articulated elements with quick build up without tools
Monobloc anodized aluminum deck with rail
One aluminum engine support plate
Attach point for launching wheels
Two drains for flushing
Tube Design: Stronganβ„’ Duotexβ„’ fabric 2Γ—1100 decitex
Assembled by thermobandage welding
Easy push valve
Headline lashing + front coaming
Deflector antichafing strip with ultra-wide profile
2 β€œD” tow rings
2 β€œD” lift rings
Four exterior handles
One front metallic handle
Cone reinforcments
Standard Equipment: 2 transport bags with multiple pockets
Two paddles
One air-pump
One maintenance tool kit
One owner’s manual