WOW Watersports Wake Walker Towable, Towable 2 Person

WOW Watersports
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WOW Sports 23WTO4770 Wake Walker Towable, Towable Tube for Boating 2 Persons


Boat Tube - WAKE WALK with this WAKE WALKER! The over-the-top, attention grabbing towable tube looks like something out of the depths of the Ocean. You can stand, kneel or sit on this tube.

Boat Tubes and Towable - The design of this tube helps keep riders in their seats, both with the shape and with the strategically placed, easily graspable foam-filled handles.

Towable Tube - The front tow point means you will be tipped back, feet facing forward, as you glide over big waves with ease. This tube for boating is a two person towable meant for family-friendly fun!

Durable Tube for Boating - The heavy-duty nylon cover and the robust construction of the towable tube ensures that it will last for many summers to come, making it an essential addition to your warm days on water.

About WOW Sports - We offer an extensive range of pool, lake, backyard, and winter products from towable tubes and water skis to pool floats, snow tubes, and backyard water slides, WOW Sports has over 100 unique items in our portfolio of fun.