Looking for an inflatable boat? Look no further...

 We have Central Canada's largest selection of inflatable boats to choose from here at GasHopper Inc. We also have other boats and yachts that come up for sale occasionally too!!!


New 2022 Arrivals...


Quicksilver Sport 320

Sport. Powerful and compact,
they will take you on adventure!

Quicksilver AirDeck 320

AirDeck, Luxury and spacious tender for your boat!

Retro Bombard Tropik 305

Bombard Tropik Thats fully restored and ready for some fun in the sun!

1999 Zodiac Mark 2C Futura

Fully restored and ready for some fun in the sun!!!

Zodiac Cadet Aluminum 310

Its superiority is due to the use of higher quality materials and the tubes assembly welding, which ensure optimal resistance and durability.