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The PROP GUARD® will vastly improve safety, and can give you better overall performance! - For 25 to 35 HP Motors

There are no “minor” propeller accidents. Installation of the Prop Guard® on all propellers would greatly reduce prop blade injuries to humans and marine life. The added thrust also allows for better handling control of the vessel. The Coast Guard, life guards and military vessels are preparing to order Prop Guards® because of the greater propeller safety factor and increased vessel control that they can achieve.The purpose for the Prop Guard® is to provide a product that will protect a family from deadly propeller accidents and give the boat owner the excitement and enjoyment of improved performance. The Prop Guard® provides important benefits for the boat owners throughout the world. Boat safety and performance is a world wide need, not just an American issue. Boating accidents happen worldwide, therefore, the Prop Guard® is a truly global product.
For your outboards & stern drivesFit Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, BRP, Suzuki...25 H.P. to 35 H.P..Installation instruction includedEasy to install
Makes a vessel safer