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Reproduction Zodiac Mark 1 & Mark 1 Futura Transom

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Replacement transom for Zodiac Mark 1 and Mark 1 Futura

Built to spec. replacement transom for your Zodiac Mark 1 and Mark 1 Futura inflatable boat. These transoms are epoxy sealed and gel-coated for the extra strength and durability to give the transom a longer life span. If cared for, this transom will outlast your inflatable boat.

Built in house, our transoms are built to last. If cared for, these transoms will outlast your boat. Our transoms are built using the highest grade materials available in North Ameica bringing you the best what North America has to offer.

Our transoms are:

  • Sourced from the highest quality materials available in North America
  • Use high quality Marine grade plywood with marine epoxies
  • Transoms are sealed with 1/16" epoxy resin layer and coated with 1/8" gel coating providing a durable and strong surface finish while sealing the wood core from moisture
  • Will outlast your inflatable if cared for properly
  • 3 year limited warranty

Manufactrued in Canada at our facility